I think at this point that everyone has pretty much read A Secret Revealed, but if you haven’t, you need to read it before going further.

If you have already read A Secret Revealed, then you can proceed to the posts below:

How it Affects Me, part 1 (posted Thursday, 6/3, after A Secret Revealed)

How it Affects Me, part 1.5 (posted Thursday, 6/3, very very late)

On Tests & Scores (posted Friday, 6/4, 11 am)

I haven’t gotten to part 2, which is how this affected me as a child.

A lot of people are expressing surprise, but there was an awful lot going on inside of me that no one knew about. Telling you, my family and closest friends, about this is very scary to me. It’s like opening up a window on my soul, which has been hidden for so long. I’m sorry I’m asking so much of you, pouring all this out so quickly, but you have to remember, it’s been bottled up inside me for almost 47 years now…

I want to thank everyone for their support – it’s been fantastic to hear the affirmations of love and acceptance. A very healing thing for my heart.

Love you all dearly,


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