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For some time now, since the "protein wasting," also called muscle wasting, and unintentional, major weight loss started, two years ago or so, we've been refering to my overall health status as "precariously balanced." When I say "we," I don't just mean Rhiannon & I, but also, my doctors. We are a team, working collaboratively… Continue reading Teetering

Health & ME/CFS, This Crazy Life

And Then, Everything Changed, Part 1

The last 6 weeks or so have seen some massive changes happen in my life, some for the better, some for the (much) worse. I had planned a nice long post detailing the adrenal exhaustion, stage 3, I was diagnosed with, and how that is so common in my fellow ME/CFS patients, but since I'm… Continue reading And Then, Everything Changed, Part 1

Health & ME/CFS

Health Update: Cortisone, Candida and Cramps

Some of my dear friends have been asking if I'm okay, noticing that I've been quiet on Facebook as well as here. Okay is a relative term, when dealing with CFS/FMS. But the last couple weeks have been very challenging, as I forgot my own advice: You may have some of the more rare side… Continue reading Health Update: Cortisone, Candida and Cramps