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Coping: One Breath, One Moment

A post about getting through those moments you ask yourself: "What fresh hell is this?", or beg, "Not again, please!" and, "When Food Is The Enemy" Recently, yesterday I guess it was, but it seems eons ago, I managed to poison myself. Not in the typical, swallow something toxic way, of course. No, not me.… Continue reading Coping: One Breath, One Moment

Health & ME/CFS

We Know the Enemy, or ME/CFS/FMS Explained Again.

My mother said to me the other day that my brother can't seem to wrap his mind around the concept that I'm really sick and there's really very little that can be done about it. He seems to still think that "if I only went to better doctors or the right hospital, they could figure… Continue reading We Know the Enemy, or ME/CFS/FMS Explained Again.


The Why of “Wrapped In Agony”

So you know... I wrote the previous post, "Wrapped In Agony", while in the worst part of a very bad migraine. Wearing sunglasses, just as I am wearing them now. Because the migraine is not done with me yet, though it's not as bad as it was last night. If you have never had a… Continue reading The Why of “Wrapped In Agony”