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15 Years: Time, Memory, Remembering, Forgetting, and Stupidity

It's funny, what I forget, even now, after so long being sick. Sometimes, in my mind, I am still strong & healthy, as if time simply stopped passing when I became ill. Sometimes, it really feels that way, as if time did stop, and there is only The Before Times and a giant blur that… Continue reading 15 Years: Time, Memory, Remembering, Forgetting, and Stupidity

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A Kick In The Face

Warning: there will be foul words in this post. I don't use them often, but this is just the final straw. Venting ahead... As you, my friends, know, this Summer has been hell. Things got even "hotter" yesterday with the delivery of a letter from social security - and it wasn't the kind of letter… Continue reading A Kick In The Face

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For some time now, since the "protein wasting," also called muscle wasting, and unintentional, major weight loss started, two years ago or so, we've been refering to my overall health status as "precariously balanced." When I say "we," I don't just mean Rhiannon & I, but also, my doctors. We are a team, working collaboratively… Continue reading Teetering

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Like most females in America, I became aware of the intense pressure to stay thin when I hit puberty. I wanted to be lithe & graceful & tall like the dancers involved in Drama with me were. Instead, my breasts grew large, and I stayed short, at 5' 5". Still, I wanted to be rail… Continue reading Dismayed

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The End Of Chocolate, And Why I’ve Been Quiet

Note: This is long, but kind of has to be as it covers a lot of ground - it's about the past, the present, how the body works, and why I've been so quiet. This Halloween, there will be no chocolate for me; no Halloween goodies. An "old friend" (and I use that term very… Continue reading The End Of Chocolate, And Why I’ve Been Quiet

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Still, Surreal, and Chocolate

I just hopped onto my blog searching for some info on my Lyrica dosage and weight, as I'm about to go see my LLMD/rheumatologist, whom I haven't seen in almost a year. While sorting through the mess in my room, asking myself why on Earth I don't actually file important info like my old labs… Continue reading Still, Surreal, and Chocolate