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Feral Eyes and Stillness

Here's a secret, from me to you. Sometimes, Something happens. A conflict. An argument. A situation. And it's just too much. There is a snap, Like a rubber band that's been Stretched far, far, Then suddenly released. Everything goes quiet in my mind. Silence fills me, And a preturnatural stillness. I feel feral, Like a… Continue reading Feral Eyes and Stillness



I think at this point that everyone has pretty much read A Secret Revealed, but if you haven't, you need to read it before going further. If you have already read A Secret Revealed, then you can proceed to the posts below: How it Affects Me, part 1 (posted Thursday, 6/3, after A Secret Revealed)… Continue reading Note:

Asperger's, This Crazy Life

How Asperger’s Affects Me, part 1.

So, I just revealed I have Asperger’s. Here are just some of the things I do, or have done, that reflect the Asperger’s in me (in no particular order): Becoming very attached to particular items of clothing or types or colors of clothing (think, mountain t-shirts and yoga pants) and wanting to wear them every… Continue reading How Asperger’s Affects Me, part 1.

Asperger's, This Crazy Life

Part 1.5

I was gonna stop for today, but wanted to add this in: After leaving Rhiannon's father, I went to counseling for a while. The very first day, I was given "homework." I received a very large piece of drawing paper, and strict instructions. I was to draw my life using only my left hand (I'm… Continue reading Part 1.5

Asperger's, This Crazy Life

A Secret Revealed

To my family and friends: I have a secret. A BIG secret. Something I've known about since January, and have only shared with Rhiannon (I had to talk to someone about it!). And it's taken me months to be ready to spill it, and, honestly, days to write this post. Because I want to get… Continue reading A Secret Revealed