This Crazy Life, Wolfdreams...

Moonlight Diamond Benedictions, Beauty, and Magick

Pull up a chair, my tribe, and I'll tell you a story, of the Before Times, which I rarely speak of - of my life before illness, which was an unusual one by anyone's standards. It is a bitterly cold night here on the Mountain, 8 degrees and snowy, and gazing at that snow, so… Continue reading Moonlight Diamond Benedictions, Beauty, and Magick

Life on The Mountain, This Crazy Life

Fear, Nature, and Mother Earth

I was afraid. Not the kind of rational, in-my-head, calculating-the-risk, type of afraid. No. In-my-gut afraid. Primally, animal-instinctually, go-inside-and-hide, afraid. Because of a sound coming up the Mountain, one I'd never heard. It wasn't a feeling I'd had in a long time; in fact, I can't remember when. Certainly never here, at my home on… Continue reading Fear, Nature, and Mother Earth

This Crazy Life, Wolfdreams...

Finding The Path Forward

September is here, there's a cool nip in the air at night, a few leaves are starting to change... Summer is coming to an end, and Autumn is beginning. For many of my dearest friends, this brings a deep sigh of relief, and a hope that the worst is over. For almost everyone I know,… Continue reading Finding The Path Forward