I have Asperger’s Syndrome, a form of autism, sometimes called High Functioning Autism, since folks with it have normal to above average intelligence, but are impaired in other ways typical of the autism spectrum.

Here’s some posts I’ve written about coming to realize this, and reflections on my life seen through the eyes of autism:

And this list will keep growing, as I delve into my life and tear it to shreds. Figuratively speaking.

For more information on Asperger’s. I find these sites helpful:

3 thoughts on “Asperger’s”

    1. I’m quite sure there are, although I don’t know of any personally. As Asperger’s is becoming more known & more often diagnosed, it’s been easier for us Aspie’s to come out of the closet with all we’ve been struggling with.
      If a google search for something like “Asperger’s Jersey support group” doesn’t turn anything up, you could call the local mental health center & ask for their autism support line folks. Sure they could help. Best of luck!


  1. Umm, well , guess it’s okay to repeat what I just said on the ME/CFS page – One could say that this stuff certainly makes life “interesting”.


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