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The Song In My Bones (Dealing With Pain)

There is a Wisdom, Buried deep in my bones, A Gift, Passed down to me, From Ancestors of Old. Today we call it a curse, And fight and rail, We give it names, Arthritis and Migraine, And call the wild Wisdom, By another name: Pain. But, is it, really, Just the song my bones knows?… Continue reading The Song In My Bones (Dealing With Pain)

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2 Hours With ME, and Dysautonomia: May 12th, International ME/CFS Awareness Day

I called Rhiannon, a touch of panic in my tone of voice. I have screwed up. She made me a power smoothie before she left for shopping, and I drank it too fast. "I didn't even drink the whole thing, only half!" I explained. Now, the icy drink sits in my stomach, and its chill… Continue reading 2 Hours With ME, and Dysautonomia: May 12th, International ME/CFS Awareness Day

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Coping: One Breath, One Moment

A post about getting through those moments you ask yourself: "What fresh hell is this?", or beg, "Not again, please!" and, "When Food Is The Enemy" Recently, yesterday I guess it was, but it seems eons ago, I managed to poison myself. Not in the typical, swallow something toxic way, of course. No, not me.… Continue reading Coping: One Breath, One Moment

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The Harsh Reality of CFS

Note: On Monday I wrote three messages to my mother, in typical Aspie style - I held nothing back. I've clipped a bit here, but it's mostly intact. I'm posting it here in case you want to know what it's really like. Be forewarned: my mother spent two days in the hospital after reading this… Continue reading The Harsh Reality of CFS

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Always Counting Spoons

Yesterday, a dear friend shared something with me that touched me so deeply that, for a time, I was wordless, unable to express the complex emotions roiling around inside. For the rest of this post to make sense, I need you to read it, too. Really. It's long, and about lupus, but you can insert… Continue reading Always Counting Spoons