Just a note...

A rollercoaster ride!

Wow, have the last few days been an emotional  rollercoaster ride! Sharing my Secret, and it’s ramifications (only got to part 1 and 1.5, haven’t gotten to childhood yet, not that most of you care), meeting up with Terra and Andrew for an awesome dinner out and some big hugs, finding out my blog had been found by Rhiannon’s aunt on her father’s side (and still awaiting her response to my email asking what she saw, what she shared, etc.), losing sleep night after night, having my first heart related chest pains (harmless, stress induced irregular heartbeats, I decided), it has been one thing after another.

I slept almost all day yesterday, finally, from about 4pm to 11pm, then back to bed around midnight, and slept until after 8 this morning. Healing sleep. I really really needed it.

Now, I have to pack up a tremendous amount of dirty laundry, my meds, some clothes, etc., and head to my mom’s house for a two night stay. My brother is up from Texas, and we have lots to talk about. Not just the Asperger’s, but also other family issues. I’m pretty sure this is going to get emotional, too.

Oh, yes, and  stopping on the way in to see if the swim suits Rhiannon has waiting for her at Hot Topic in Fairfax will actually fit her. They better. She’s very set on these two suits, and pretty much hates everything else she sees in the stores. It’s hard for her, having inherited my big breasts, but being very thin otherwise.

So, off I go for the daily coffee routine, and then to getting ready to go. Wish me luck!

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