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Finding The Path Forward

September is here, there's a cool nip in the air at night, a few leaves are starting to change... Summer is coming to an end, and Autumn is beginning. For many of my dearest friends, this brings a deep sigh of relief, and a hope that the worst is over. For almost everyone I know,… Continue reading Finding The Path Forward

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In Memorium: My Father’s Passing

Today my father, Joseph L. Collins, passed away, but just moments before he did, I had a great and rare blessing, and I would like to share it with you. My father was 84, and had been in the hospital a week, before being moved to rehab. However, he took a sudden turn for the… Continue reading In Memorium: My Father’s Passing

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Acceptance: Clarity Comes In Darkness

Clarity, that feeling of peace inside, of comprehension, of acceptance of what is and what will be, often comes in our darkest hour, or in darkness itself. It hides from the light of day, and waits for the dark of night, before revealing itself to us. We grasp it gently, lest it be lost, and… Continue reading Acceptance: Clarity Comes In Darkness


Wolfdreams: Return To Wildling

"WILDLING":  noun. a wild plant or animal, especially one transplanted into a cultivated spot. * I want to be wildling again; born of Earth & Sky, Rain & Wind, Tree & Rock. I want to feel the Silence in my Soul again. I have remembered who i am. * Creating Peace: a return to Symmetry;… Continue reading Wolfdreams: Return To Wildling

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Wolfdreams: Message In A Bottle

Note: This post is about my spiritual path, part of the Wolfdreams category of my blog. It will likely not make much sense to many people. But it makes sense to me. The message was short and cryptic: "Follow the Patterns to the Stillness within." I had been resting, which became meditating, which became journeying.… Continue reading Wolfdreams: Message In A Bottle

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Wolfdreams: He Is, And He Isn’t

There is a lovely little book called "A Little Dog Like You," by Rosemary Sutcliff, that sits always on a shelf above my bed. As one customer-reviewer writes: If you've ever loved a dog, this book is for you. This slim volume is written and illustrated so that even a very young child could appreciate… Continue reading Wolfdreams: He Is, And He Isn’t