Asperger's, This Crazy Life

Part 1.5

I was gonna stop for today, but wanted to add this in:

After leaving Rhiannon’s father, I went to counseling for a while. The very first day, I was given “homework.” I received a very large piece of drawing paper, and strict instructions. I was to draw my life using only my left hand (I’m right handed).

My counselor was dumbfounded by the result. She had been a practicing therapist for 20 years, requiring this of every patient. But no one had ever drawn anything like what I had drawn.

I started in the center, spiraling out. Every image I drew was of either an animal or natural object, like a tree. For instance, to show where I was right then, I drew my wolves, locked in their tiny kennel in town (we had lived on farms or acreage up til then).

Nowhere, on the whole page, was there a human being.

She said no one had ever done anything like that.

But looking at this thru the lens of Aspergers & autism, it makes perfect sense. I wasn’t like other people, and I felt closer to animals & nature than I did the human race.

And in fact, I still do.

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