On Tests & Scores

So, I see that many people in my family are taking the “short” AS (Asperger’s Syndrome – getting tired of spelling it all out) test at Wired.  And some are confused by the results. So, I’ll own up and tell you my score, and you can add yours in as a comment if you’ve taken the test, and if you want to share.

On that test, the average “normal” or N.T. (neurotypical, as opposed to neurodiverse, which is folks with autism of some sort), is 16.

The average person with AS or any other form of autism scores 32 or above. The absolute maximum you could score would be 50.

If you scored between 16 and 32 then you are likely N.T. but slightly odd, having some traits.

I scored 39.

The long test, called the   Aspie-Quiz, is much, much more detailed. It’s run by a researcher who is investigating causes into autism and AS in particular, trying to prove a theory. It’s been updated repeatedly over the years to make it more accurate, and some questions are weighted more than others.  This test doesn’t just give you a number, it gives you a diagram of your mind’s abilities, and where they fall, plus copies of all your questions and answers and how aspies answer versus how N.T.’s answer. If you register, you can download the report as it doesn’t all show up on the screen if you don’t.

For more on that test, the types of questions, and to download my report, go here (this link was broken in A Secret Revealed but have fixed that).

2 thoughts on “On Tests & Scores”

  1. Hi Ash–I just took the ‘short’ test, and got a 38. I had to laugh; I’m really not surprised. My husband says he likes people who are ‘different’, so I guess this confirms that I qualify as different. I told you that reading your stuff was like looking in a mirror. This seems to be one new friendship that isn’t difficult at all.


    1. LOL! I guess you were right then to say it was like looking in the mirror!
      And what’s “different” anyway? What’s “normal?”
      I think being “normal” is highly over-rated!
      I am “under the weather today” but will call you soon!


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