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The Song In My Bones (Dealing With Pain)

There is a Wisdom, Buried deep in my bones, A Gift, Passed down to me, From Ancestors of Old. Today we call it a curse, And fight and rail, We give it names, Arthritis and Migraine, And call the wild Wisdom, By another name: Pain. But, is it, really, Just the song my bones knows?… Continue reading The Song In My Bones (Dealing With Pain)

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Coping: One Breath, One Moment

A post about getting through those moments you ask yourself: "What fresh hell is this?", or beg, "Not again, please!" and, "When Food Is The Enemy" Recently, yesterday I guess it was, but it seems eons ago, I managed to poison myself. Not in the typical, swallow something toxic way, of course. No, not me.… Continue reading Coping: One Breath, One Moment

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Forgotten Dreams & Finding Myself Again

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” ― Thomas Merton, "No Man Is an Island" Recently, I've come to realize (again) just how much being chronically ill has stolen from me, and not just in the obvious physical sense. Little bits & pieces of me, of who I am, have… Continue reading Forgotten Dreams & Finding Myself Again

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Finding The Path Forward

September is here, there's a cool nip in the air at night, a few leaves are starting to change... Summer is coming to an end, and Autumn is beginning. For many of my dearest friends, this brings a deep sigh of relief, and a hope that the worst is over. For almost everyone I know,… Continue reading Finding The Path Forward

Health & ME/CFS, This Crazy Life

“How Do You Do It?”

"How do you do it?" she asked. "Just how do you manage to keep it together in spite of how miserably sick you often are? It is just so hard to keep doing this, you know?" It is a question I get asked often, and there are a number of answers. First, a rundown of… Continue reading “How Do You Do It?”