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Saving Myself By Saving a Dog

This story starts with a dog, and ends with another. It's long, and touches on sensitive subjects, with raw, open, honesty. The last 10 months have been quite a journey, full of sorrow, shock, a moment of extreme clarity, a lot of contemplation, reflection, unexpected dreams, and then resolution, when the dream became reality. It… Continue reading Saving Myself By Saving a Dog

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A Good Death

"Veterinarians deal with death the most out of any medical profession." "Does it ever really get any easier, euthanization?" asked the first year student. "Every euthanization is difficult, but some hit harder than others..." - from "Vet School" (TV show, NatGeo Wild) Is there any such thing as a good death? A beautiful, peaceful, passing?… Continue reading A Good Death

Life on The Mountain

Day of Barking, Night of Bear

Yesterday started with barking. It ended with a bear on our front porch. I rather think the two are related. At 7am, my peaceful sleep was interrupted by Kasha-dog barking like a mad thing, along with, apparently, every other dog on this side of the Mountain. Kodi, curled up in bed next to me, let… Continue reading Day of Barking, Night of Bear

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“The Most Important Moment In Rehabilitation”

Note: This is why I've been so quiet this week, my friends - I owe everybody long messages. Sorry! I teach people not to see a bad moment as a failure. A bad moment is actually a time for you to rehabilitate yourself, and you rehabilitate your dog, so it's actually the most important moment… Continue reading “The Most Important Moment In Rehabilitation”

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Wolfdreams: He Is, And He Isn’t

There is a lovely little book called "A Little Dog Like You," by Rosemary Sutcliff, that sits always on a shelf above my bed. As one customer-reviewer writes: If you've ever loved a dog, this book is for you. This slim volume is written and illustrated so that even a very young child could appreciate… Continue reading Wolfdreams: He Is, And He Isn’t

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24 Hours Later…

Maverick Kodi's Saga, continued... 24 hours later we know: His name is not Maverick (his shelter name), nor Woody (which was his original name). His name is Kodi ! (although I have been informed there is dissent in the ranks... ie. Rhiannon thinks Kodi is too All-American & he needs an exotic & unique name.)… Continue reading 24 Hours Later…