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A Good Death

"Veterinarians deal with death the most out of any medical profession." "Does it ever really get any easier, euthanization?" asked the first year student. "Every euthanization is difficult, but some hit harder than others..." - from "Vet School" (TV show, NatGeo Wild) Is there any such thing as a good death? A beautiful, peaceful, passing?… Continue reading A Good Death

Life on The Mountain

A Deer Story: Caught In The Act

She is so brazen. She looked up at me, startled, but unafraid, when I came out onto our screened in porch yesterday morning. There she was, standing inside our fenced-in dog yard, stems and leaves dangling from her mouth. She looked guilty, like a kid who got caught with their hand in the cookie jar.… Continue reading A Deer Story: Caught In The Act

Life on The Mountain

Day of Barking, Night of Bear

Yesterday started with barking. It ended with a bear on our front porch. I rather think the two are related. At 7am, my peaceful sleep was interrupted by Kasha-dog barking like a mad thing, along with, apparently, every other dog on this side of the Mountain. Kodi, curled up in bed next to me, let… Continue reading Day of Barking, Night of Bear

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Finally, A Place To Call Home

Sometimes, the truth hurts. But better the truth, and understanding, than living in confusion & conflict, imposing your values on someone else. For those that this hurts, I'm truly sorry. You'll just have to believe me that it was as hard for me to write, as it will be for you to read. I've spent… Continue reading Finally, A Place To Call Home

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A Tug At My Soul

How do you pinpoint the moment you know you've finally found the right dog to add to your family? How do you pinpoint the exact moment you knew? The moment you fell inexorably in love?  Perhaps it was one of these - or all of these - moments: We walked through the kennel at the… Continue reading A Tug At My Soul

Furry Family, This Crazy Life

Animals: Thoughts and Considerations

So, I've been thinking about something (those who know me know it's time to groan). What follows is long and rambling, but, there are questions at the end. Specifically, I've been thinking about dogs, cats, companion animals, and farm animals, and how our society expects different behavior from the owner of a companion animal versus… Continue reading Animals: Thoughts and Considerations