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The Harsh Reality of CFS

Note: On Monday I wrote three messages to my mother, in typical Aspie style - I held nothing back. I've clipped a bit here, but it's mostly intact. I'm posting it here in case you want to know what it's really like. Be forewarned: my mother spent two days in the hospital after reading this… Continue reading The Harsh Reality of CFS

Health & ME/CFS

The End Of Chocolate, And Why I’ve Been Quiet

Note: This is long, but kind of has to be as it covers a lot of ground - it's about the past, the present, how the body works, and why I've been so quiet. This Halloween, there will be no chocolate for me; no Halloween goodies. An "old friend" (and I use that term very… Continue reading The End Of Chocolate, And Why I’ve Been Quiet

Furry Family

“The Most Important Moment In Rehabilitation”

Note: This is why I've been so quiet this week, my friends - I owe everybody long messages. Sorry! I teach people not to see a bad moment as a failure. A bad moment is actually a time for you to rehabilitate yourself, and you rehabilitate your dog, so it's actually the most important moment… Continue reading “The Most Important Moment In Rehabilitation”

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The Stranger In The Mirror

Standing naked, I gaze into the mirror. So many changes have happened to my body, I barely recognize the person who stares out at me. Time and illness have taken their toll. I will be 48 years old this month. Late forties. Almost fifty. My mind struggles to wrap itself around the concept. There is… Continue reading The Stranger In The Mirror



(I wrote this on 5/19/11 and then forgot all about it - but I quite like it! And posting it tonight is very appropriate, as storms are building, causing a repeat.) I am listening to my heartbeat. Rush... Thump. Rush... Thump. It goes on endlessly. I need no stethoscope, no ultrasound. Rush... Thump. Rush... Thump.… Continue reading Rush…Thump.

Health & ME/CFS, Migraines

In Which I Explain and Complain a Lot

There have been a number of questions friends have been asking that haven't gotten answered, so here goes, in no particular order: Disability: I have appealed my Disability rejection to the highest level in Social Security, about two months ago. They can take a long, long, time to rule on things, apparently - up to… Continue reading In Which I Explain and Complain a Lot