(I wrote this on 5/19/11 and then forgot all about it – but I quite like it! And posting it tonight is very appropriate, as storms are building, causing a repeat.)

I am listening to my heartbeat.

Rush… Thump. Rush… Thump.

It goes on endlessly.

I need no stethoscope, no ultrasound.

Rush… Thump. Rush… Thump.

It’s quite an interesting phenomenom.

I’m feel it at the same time, across my forehead, behind my eyes, in my ears.

Rush… Thump. Rush… Thump.

How many people are so in tune with their own heartbeats? It’s common amongst those of us with migraines.

Tonight it is my right ear.

Rush… Thump. Rush… Thump.

When my girls were babies in the womb I got to listen to their heartbeats, thru the little ultrasound stethoscopes.

They sounded much like this, though faster.

Rush… Thump. Rush… Thump.

It’s been with me all day, right side or left side.

Or both.

Rush… Thump. Rush… Thump.

Yesterday, it was not so even. I had not had as many meds. But yesterday, it was skipping beats a lot, and irregular beats.

Tonight I am too medicated for it to veer greatly off course.

Rush… Thump. Rush… Thump.

Along with it, I see pretty bright, sparkling lights, here & there. I move the phone around rather than have to look at the screen. It is too bright.

And moving my eyeballs hurts.

Rush… Thump. Rush… Thump.

It is the start, the ramping up of the migraine I’ve been fighting all day. Guess the Fioricet only made me dizzy & stoned.

The cat knocks plastic bottles from their bin, a soft noise, really, but not soft to me.

To me it brings more pain in my head, and my whole body twitches in response.

Rush… Thump. Rush… Thump.

The whine is starting now, the high pitched whine of blood coursing through my brain.

That is my signal to leave you, before it gets even worse. Having trouble focusing my eyes.

Rush… Thump. Rush… Thump.

Welcome to my world.

Music is provided, whether you want it or not.

Rush… Thump. Rush… Thump.

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