Life on The Mountain

Fear vs. Kindness in the Internet Age

Some people live their lives ruled by fear: fear of strangers; fear of stalkers; fear of burglers; fear of illness; or simply fear of the unknown. But despite the fact my mother has done her best to instill fear & mistrust of unknown people into me, I refuse to live a life ruled by fear.… Continue reading Fear vs. Kindness in the Internet Age

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Mindfulness: Spring Sunshine and Squirrels

Many spiritual traditions teach the lesson of mindfulness: focusing on the here & now, being attentive & mindful of everything around you, that rises within your mind, but without grasping to hold on to it. I've been practicing today, and here are some of the things I experienced... Sun & warmth, the warmest day of… Continue reading Mindfulness: Spring Sunshine and Squirrels

Life on The Mountain

An Ordinary Day: A Deer Story

It was an ordinary Fall day. I stepped outside onto the deck to throw our compost - mostly banana peels and used tea bags - into the woods. At the first throw, suddenly, not far away, nestled between trees and stones, up from the leaves sprang two young deer. Their tails didn't white flag alert,… Continue reading An Ordinary Day: A Deer Story