Life on The Mountain, This Crazy Life

Fear, Nature, and Mother Earth

I was afraid. Not the kind of rational, in-my-head, calculating-the-risk, type of afraid. No. In-my-gut afraid. Primally, animal-instinctually, go-inside-and-hide, afraid. Because of a sound coming up the Mountain, one I'd never heard. It wasn't a feeling I'd had in a long time; in fact, I can't remember when. Certainly never here, at my home on… Continue reading Fear, Nature, and Mother Earth

Life on The Mountain

Fear vs. Kindness in the Internet Age

Some people live their lives ruled by fear: fear of strangers; fear of stalkers; fear of burglers; fear of illness; or simply fear of the unknown. But despite the fact my mother has done her best to instill fear & mistrust of unknown people into me, I refuse to live a life ruled by fear.… Continue reading Fear vs. Kindness in the Internet Age