Just a note..., Life on The Mountain

Oh my gosh I’m tired…

We did big shopping.
Pharmacy. Martins. Petco. Super Walmart.
Dogfood. Groceries…lots of groceries.
Then lugging it all thru the path, with the snow and ice and twigs sticking up.
I have a migraine, my back is killing me, and my knee has felt better.
Gonna eat, sleep, and will call and read emails tomorrow. G’night.

2 thoughts on “Oh my gosh I’m tired…”

  1. This is my first visit to the new format. Wow, you really made some changes, it will take some getting used to. I had a busy week-end, while T&A were here. They surprised at how much snow I have. It has melted quite a lot in the past few days. It is very gray out now, hope it is rain, not snow and will wash away some of the mess.
    Did you hear from Kelly?


  2. I have a Dr appointment in Warrenton at 4:15. But it’s well above freezing here, so I’m not worried about ice – just worried about migraines. I have already taken one dose of migraine medicine today…

    It’s melted a lot here too though I’m sure not as much as there, since its colder here. There are still 3′ drifts, but the rest is down to maybe 18″. Guessing.

    Yes, I got a nice long email from Kelly. I haven’t been able to answer yet due to migraines, etc. But will send a short email right now, then have to get ready for the Dr.


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