Life on The Mountain

Signs of Spring

Why do geese feel the need to squawk or cackle or whatever you call it while they fly? It makes no sense to me. Seems like a waste of energy and breath, just like talking is for a human when running. They have been flying over – a LOT. SE to NW. Right over the house. They are so loud they wake me up, as do the crows that have recently taken up residence. They can sound just like barking dogs. Well, almost.

I like to go outside a lot. Or, sort of outside. To our screened in porch. There I have a hanging, swinging, cloth sling chair. It fits me so perfectly, and when my back is hurting like it has been lately, its a godsend. The gentle rocking eases my pain, and it gives me a chance to feel a part of the world around me.

Two nights ago I heard the first serious sign of Spring – the Spring Peepers were peeping away!
This morning I noticed a few clumps of new green grass pushing up. And the squirrels have become very active.

Give the Earth a few days of rain to melt the snow which was here for weeks, and a few days in the fifties or sixties, and these small miracles happen so fast. Blink your eyes and suddenly it’ll be summer.

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