The Why of “Wrapped In Agony”

So you know... I wrote the previous post, "Wrapped In Agony", while in the worst part of a very bad migraine. Wearing sunglasses, just as I am wearing them now. Because the migraine is not done with me yet, though it's not as bad as it was last night. If you have never had a… Continue reading The Why of “Wrapped In Agony”

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Doctors Who Want Power Over

So I saw my neurologist yesterday. It was interesting. I've never liked her. I like her even less now. I was scheduled to just get an Occipital Nerve Block (ONB), which is injections into the back of the head and side of the neck with a local anesthetic and a type of cortisone called betamethasone.… Continue reading Doctors Who Want Power Over

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“Now why don’t she write?” – July Events

Bet you're wondering "Now why don't she write?" (obscure reference to Dances with Wolves...) Well, because it's been a really excruciatingly painful, odd, weird, interesting, frightening, and ultimately enlightening, month. I managed not to die of an aneurysm. Not to have a stroke. And not to have a heart attack. I figured out what was… Continue reading “Now why don’t she write?” – July Events

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The Good, the Bad… the Ugly

Can't believe it's been so long since I posted! Rough past month... Dart's passing; then a week later the granddogs coming to stay for two weeks... and, continuing to reduce my pain meds. That's going well I guess, all things considered. The Good: I started on opiates for pain many years ago, first with oxycodone,… Continue reading The Good, the Bad… the Ugly