The Neverending Migraine

I cannot write for long. Even using my cell phone, even wearing sun glasses, if I look at the screen too long or am upright too long, the migraine will get worse. I’ll write some now then add on to this post as I can.
The problem, you see, is that I’ve had a migraine of some degree of pain for at least two weeks now. There are likely multiple reasons, including my decision to get off my pain meds, but also that I still have a lot of fluid in my ears and sinuses from having the flu-like virus a few weeks ago. Also the pollen levels are very high, so the dr. started me on Claritin this week.
Then there’s the weather. I thought I was the only one who got migraines from weather fronts but actually sciencetists believe about 60% of all migraines are caused by weather changes, and boy has our weather been changing a lot!
Incidently, it’s currently pouring down rain with occ. thunder & lightning.
Taking a break – brb…………..

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