Wrapped In Agony

The newborn Crescent shines brightly,
As I lay on the deck in the icy snow.
Sunglasses shield my eyes from the light
That brings waves of nausea & pain.
Wrapped in agony,
I stay ’til my teeth chatter.
The migraine from hell persists,
No matter my attempts at escape.
It graces me with superhuman abilities:
I hear every dog claw’s click against the floor,
Every drop of water fall,
Every ding of silverware against plate.
It is my fault, these waves of agony:
What is food for you, is poison for me.
There is but one thing left to try,
To knock myself out with meds,
And hope tomorrow brings a better day.
A day when the light does not hurt,
When sound doesn’t ring through my body
With razor-sharp edges.
With this thought and prayer,
I bid you a good night.

…dedicated to all who suffer the hell of migraine headaches.

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