Just a note...

And back home!

I have no idea why I’m awake, but despite incredibly deep exhaustion, and waking up every hour to two all night long, I am. Have had maybe, all put together, 5 hours of sleep. Gonna try again in a few.

My visit home ran overtime, 3 nights instead of 2, as my car, which was in the shop at the dealer, wasn’t ready until Wednesday. But! I finally got it’s emissions issue fixed – the service engine soon light had been on for months. Thankfully, it was still covered under warrenty (federal emmisions warrenty goes to 80,000 miles or 8 years, btw – I had almost 77,000 miles on it) and I got two nice new catalytic converters on it. I shudder to think what that would have cost, otherwise. Did a few other odds & ends, and now it drives like a new car, or SUV.

Still no swimsuit for Rhiannon. We were both feeling so awful yesterday, migraines & tummy issues & too much stress for too many days… so, not much searching happened.

While it was nice seeing my mom & brother, I’m very happy to be home! And, so, too, are all my new plants, as I dug up a lot of her yard & brought back 2 pots of rudbeckia that started out at my house in Ohio, a pot of apple mint that started out at my house in Bedford when I was still married to Terra’s dad, two pots of lovely & rare staghorn fern, and a gorgeous double begonia!

Now, back to sleep I hope. And, still, nothing from Rhia’s aunt Peggy.

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