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RANT: Completely, Totally, UNACCEPTABLE!

(Note: this post is about my discontinuation of methadone, which I was put on for relief of chronic pain. For more info, you can read this blog post.) RANT WARNING: This stupid, goddamned methadone withdrawal thing is completely, totally, UNACCEPTABLE!!! My body is fighting tooth and nail for this last little bit - it's ridiculous!… Continue reading RANT: Completely, Totally, UNACCEPTABLE!

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About Crap… Literally

Well, I've been so busy writing about my Aspergers that I haven't updated about the physical stuff. It's mostly crap. That is, right now, I'm focusing on getting my very poorly functioning gut to function, which is hard after being on opiate pain meds for years, which basically slows it to crawl, and after a… Continue reading About Crap… Literally

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The Good, the Bad… the Ugly

Can't believe it's been so long since I posted! Rough past month... Dart's passing; then a week later the granddogs coming to stay for two weeks... and, continuing to reduce my pain meds. That's going well I guess, all things considered. The Good: I started on opiates for pain many years ago, first with oxycodone,… Continue reading The Good, the Bad… the Ugly

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A rollercoaster

That's what it is - a rollercoaster. Even slow, deliberate, willing narcotic withdrawal is a rollercoaster. Sleep for days, then insomnia every night all night. Awake until dawn. Hungry at 5 am, this morning I made food. You don't know how profound a statement that is. It was only a sandwich. But I can't remember… Continue reading A rollercoaster

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Dr. Visit of 2/22/10 – Pain Meds

Boring - this post is going to be boring. And very long. Anyway... It seems everyone is in consensus - neurologist, primary care doc, the sleep doc at the Sleep Lab at the hospital, and even my pain management doctor in his last recommendations. Since I'm basically dying multiple times every night (see Sleep Study), … Continue reading Dr. Visit of 2/22/10 – Pain Meds