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Feral Eyes and Stillness

Here's a secret, from me to you. Sometimes, Something happens. A conflict. An argument. A situation. And it's just too much. There is a snap, Like a rubber band that's been Stretched far, far, Then suddenly released. Everything goes quiet in my mind. Silence fills me, And a preturnatural stillness. I feel feral, Like a… Continue reading Feral Eyes and Stillness


Wolfdreams: Return To Wildling

"WILDLING":  noun. a wild plant or animal, especially one transplanted into a cultivated spot. * I want to be wildling again; born of Earth & Sky, Rain & Wind, Tree & Rock. I want to feel the Silence in my Soul again. I have remembered who i am. * Creating Peace: a return to Symmetry;… Continue reading Wolfdreams: Return To Wildling

Asperger's, Wolfdreams...

Wolfdreams: Message In A Bottle

Note: This post is about my spiritual path, part of the Wolfdreams category of my blog. It will likely not make much sense to many people. But it makes sense to me. The message was short and cryptic: "Follow the Patterns to the Stillness within." I had been resting, which became meditating, which became journeying.… Continue reading Wolfdreams: Message In A Bottle