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Dog. Dog. Shoulder. Dog…

My brain has been running in endless circles. Dog. Dog. Shoulder. Dog. Dog. Ouch that shoulder really hurts! Dog. Dog. I have GOT to see a doctor. What doctor? Dog. Dog... you get the idea. Our new family member is still up in the air. There have been hours of discussion. Both dogs have been… Continue reading Dog. Dog. Shoulder. Dog…

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Ash’s Advice: Part 2 – Your Life Is In YOUR Hands

Note: Ash's Advice is written by, me, Ash, a long-time patient with CFS/CFIDS/FMS/Chronic Lyme, etc. I am not a doctor, and nothing written here should be construed as medical advice. These are simply my musings - what I wish I was able to tell my younger, healthier self: the person I was before CFS/FMS pretty… Continue reading Ash’s Advice: Part 2 – Your Life Is In YOUR Hands


Strange Lessons

I have learned some strange lessons in the last week or two. These likely only apply to me, but I'm putting them up here as kind of a "note to self" since the short-term memory loss is pretty bad and I'll surely forget, otherwise. 1. Fioricet. I've tried nearly every migraine medication there is. For… Continue reading Strange Lessons

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Pride, Pain and a Reality Check

I wrote at the end of January about the disconnection in my mind between what I can actually do versus what my mind tells me I ought to be able to do.  I wrote to myself to "work on that disconnection." I thought I was. But apparently not enough. Tuesday I had to go many… Continue reading Pride, Pain and a Reality Check

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The Aftermath

There is a part of my life that only one person sees and understands: Rhiannon. I call it "The Aftermath." Today we ran errands. We left at 3:30 & were home by 7. Three and a half hours, made possible by ritalin (a stimulant to give me a false sense of being functional) and my… Continue reading The Aftermath


The Why of “Wrapped In Agony”

So you know... I wrote the previous post, "Wrapped In Agony", while in the worst part of a very bad migraine. Wearing sunglasses, just as I am wearing them now. Because the migraine is not done with me yet, though it's not as bad as it was last night. If you have never had a… Continue reading The Why of “Wrapped In Agony”