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Health Update: Cortisone, Candida and Cramps

Some of my dear friends have been asking if I'm okay, noticing that I've been quiet on Facebook as well as here. Okay is a relative term, when dealing with CFS/FMS. But the last couple weeks have been very challenging, as I forgot my own advice: You may have some of the more rare side… Continue reading Health Update: Cortisone, Candida and Cramps

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Dog. Dog. Shoulder. Dog…

My brain has been running in endless circles. Dog. Dog. Shoulder. Dog. Dog. Ouch that shoulder really hurts! Dog. Dog. I have GOT to see a doctor. What doctor? Dog. Dog... you get the idea. Our new family member is still up in the air. There have been hours of discussion. Both dogs have been… Continue reading Dog. Dog. Shoulder. Dog…



(I wrote this on 5/19/11 and then forgot all about it - but I quite like it! And posting it tonight is very appropriate, as storms are building, causing a repeat.) I am listening to my heartbeat. Rush... Thump. Rush... Thump. It goes on endlessly. I need no stethoscope, no ultrasound. Rush... Thump. Rush... Thump.… Continue reading Rush…Thump.

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In Which I Explain and Complain a Lot

There have been a number of questions friends have been asking that haven't gotten answered, so here goes, in no particular order: Disability: I have appealed my Disability rejection to the highest level in Social Security, about two months ago. They can take a long, long, time to rule on things, apparently - up to… Continue reading In Which I Explain and Complain a Lot

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Unique Choices

Those of us with severe CFS/FMS/chronic Lyme, etc., face some unique choices that the healthy population doesn't face. Anytime we do something, beyond laying in bed or the bare minimum of necessary actions (going to the bathroom, taking the dog out, making a cup of tea), we do it knowing there will be a price… Continue reading Unique Choices

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How Did This Happen?

Each day, I wake up & it's the same, always the same: Make tea. Eat a Larabar or Luna Bar. Must have padding in there. For what's to come. The meds, and there are so many of them. They're sneaky. You start out with just one, but then over time, more get added: Lyrica:  Big-Pharma's… Continue reading How Did This Happen?