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The End Of Chocolate, And Why I’ve Been Quiet

Note: This is long, but kind of has to be as it covers a lot of ground - it's about the past, the present, how the body works, and why I've been so quiet. This Halloween, there will be no chocolate for me; no Halloween goodies. An "old friend" (and I use that term very… Continue reading The End Of Chocolate, And Why I’ve Been Quiet

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Still, Surreal, and Chocolate

I just hopped onto my blog searching for some info on my Lyrica dosage and weight, as I'm about to go see my LLMD/rheumatologist, whom I haven't seen in almost a year. While sorting through the mess in my room, asking myself why on Earth I don't actually file important info like my old labs… Continue reading Still, Surreal, and Chocolate

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June: Tumultuous Times

Life with CFS/FMS/chronic Lyme and other Neuro-Immune Diseases tends to eventually become incredibly boring, as your health declines steadily, more problems erupt, and you find yourself confined more and more often to bed, isolated, in pain, sick & tired.  Memories fade, the months become years, and pass in a haze of misery. But sometimes, things… Continue reading June: Tumultuous Times

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June 6th: Day of Visibility!

Today is the annual International Day of Visibility for people living with "invisible illness." Today is our day to be visible. To share our stories and help people understand, that just because you don't look sick, it doesn't mean you aren't. It's something I think about every time we go to town or do any… Continue reading June 6th: Day of Visibility!

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In Which I Explain and Complain a Lot

There have been a number of questions friends have been asking that haven't gotten answered, so here goes, in no particular order: Disability: I have appealed my Disability rejection to the highest level in Social Security, about two months ago. They can take a long, long, time to rule on things, apparently - up to… Continue reading In Which I Explain and Complain a Lot

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Ash’s Advice: Part 2 – Your Life Is In YOUR Hands

Note: Ash's Advice is written by, me, Ash, a long-time patient with CFS/CFIDS/FMS/Chronic Lyme, etc. I am not a doctor, and nothing written here should be construed as medical advice. These are simply my musings - what I wish I was able to tell my younger, healthier self: the person I was before CFS/FMS pretty… Continue reading Ash’s Advice: Part 2 – Your Life Is In YOUR Hands