This Crazy Life, Wolfdreams...

The Miracle of Mammoth

I hold the piece of Mammoth tusk gently, examine the grain, the growth rings, the cracks & stains. It is a small miracle, a small piece of tusk, of Mammoth ivory, from an animal long, long dead. How old it is, I do not know  for sure. 10,000 years? 20,000? Even 30,000 years old? Somewhere… Continue reading The Miracle of Mammoth


Wolfdreams: “Horses on Fire”

There are parts of me that have long slept that are awakening, and I'm not sure why, or even if, I want them. But they are my "Gifts" and I know I should welcome them. MSNBC has a news article today about the devastating wildfires currently scorching areas of Texas. "Horses on Fire: Texas battling… Continue reading Wolfdreams: “Horses on Fire”

Life on The Mountain

An Ordinary Day: A Deer Story

It was an ordinary Fall day. I stepped outside onto the deck to throw our compost - mostly banana peels and used tea bags - into the woods. At the first throw, suddenly, not far away, nestled between trees and stones, up from the leaves sprang two young deer. Their tails didn't white flag alert,… Continue reading An Ordinary Day: A Deer Story