Wolfdreams: “Horses on Fire”

There are parts of me that have long slept that are awakening, and I’m not sure why, or even if, I want them. But they are my “Gifts” and I know I should welcome them.

MSNBC has a news article today about the devastating wildfires currently scorching areas of Texas.

Horses on Fire: Texas battling wildfires fueled by heat, wind.
‘It was unbelievable, just horrific. There were horses on fire, buildings on fire’

I’m shocked, sickened, and confused. Because I dreamed this, vividly, on March 1. In my dream, I was in Texas, and I was near where my brother lives, in Houston, except it didn’t look anything like  Houston; it was flat, and brushy, tall dry vegetation. In the dream, I was helping, trying to help cut a fire line with a heavy rake, along with many other people. There were fire trucks, but it was so windy, and the fire was raging. In the dream, I saw a bunch of deer, confused by the fire, the presence of so many people, the sirens, the shouting. Someone yelled “Their ears are on fire!” and I looked to see the wild-eyed deer jumping through a low spot in the flames, but their ears, those big deer ears I’ve seen so many times here on the mountain, were catching fire on the tips, and as they bolted, they were leaving a trail of sparks, further spreading the fire.

Obviously, it was a very intense, very realistic, dream. When I was 19, I did help fight a brush fire, on the mountain  where I lived then, so I do have a real memory of a brush fire… the way it spreads.. creeps through dry roots to suddenly erupt behind you… the smoke swirling around… trying not to get trapped, yourself.

And I love the deer, they are one of my totem, or guardian, spirits.

When I had the dream, there was this question in my mind. Because when I was a child, I had precognitive dreams a lot. Why would I dream about a brush fire in Texas? And was it that kind of dream, the kind that comes true?

Shortly after I had it there were a number of wildfires in Texas, but nothing like this. Nothing that said “The horses were on fire…”

It is a surreal feeling. I can still see the wildfire from my dream, see the dry ground, feel the very real fear, smell the smoke. See the deer trying to escape, but only spreading the fire. And I know, if there are horses on fire in Texas now, there are deer on fire, too.

In Wales, they call precognitive visions or dreams “the Sight.” It is a Gods-given-Gift, they say. But right now, with the memory of that dream swirling through my mind, and the images of the very real fires in Texas, it doesn’t feel like a very good Gift to have. I should welcome it, welcome the awakening, or re-awakening, of my long quiet Gifts. But all I can feel is sorrow for the loss of life, the loss of deer and horses, the fear they are experiencing, trapped between flames, confused by smoke & wind, trying to find their way out.

And so I’m sending out heart-felt prayers right now, to all the animals, who are afraid, and trapped, and confused, and face a harsh death.

That’s all I know to do.

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