Furry Family

Everything Happens For A Reason

I firmly believe everything happens for a reason. Today, some fairly unbelievable, but very good, things have happened. It started with Kasha, who needed her rabies vaccination. We took her to a roving clinic that comes to our Petco every two weeks. Going inside, we got in line with many other people and dogs. Behind… Continue reading Everything Happens For A Reason

This Crazy Life, Wolfdreams...

The Miracle of Mammoth

I hold the piece of Mammoth tusk gently, examine the grain, the growth rings, the cracks & stains. It is a small miracle, a small piece of tusk, of Mammoth ivory, from an animal long, long dead. How old it is, I do not know  for sure. 10,000 years? 20,000? Even 30,000 years old? Somewhere… Continue reading The Miracle of Mammoth

This Crazy Life

Self and Self-Destruction

This is where I am tonight; this is what is in my heart & mind: Self: When I was 19, my new husband & I moved to 33 acres of gorgeous land in the foothills of the Blue Ridge. I loved the mountains so much, and wanted to learn about "homesteading." We got a goat… Continue reading Self and Self-Destruction