Wolfdreams: Caribou Comes

Caribou comes, his big feet plopping down softly in the snow. Caribou comes, looks at me with his deep brown eyes, full of compassion. Caribou comes, shakes his head, the mighty antlers, inviting me to ride. There is nothing but pain here, so I go with him. Climbing on Caribou, his back warm & softly… Continue reading Wolfdreams: Caribou Comes

Furry Family

Everything Happens For A Reason

I firmly believe everything happens for a reason. Today, some fairly unbelievable, but very good, things have happened. It started with Kasha, who needed her rabies vaccination. We took her to a roving clinic that comes to our Petco every two weeks. Going inside, we got in line with many other people and dogs. Behind… Continue reading Everything Happens For A Reason

This Crazy Life, Wolfdreams...

The Miracle of Mammoth

I hold the piece of Mammoth tusk gently, examine the grain, the growth rings, the cracks & stains. It is a small miracle, a small piece of tusk, of Mammoth ivory, from an animal long, long dead. How old it is, I do not know  for sure. 10,000 years? 20,000? Even 30,000 years old? Somewhere… Continue reading The Miracle of Mammoth

This Crazy Life

Self and Self-Destruction

This is where I am tonight; this is what is in my heart & mind: Self: When I was 19, my new husband & I moved to 33 acres of gorgeous land in the foothills of the Blue Ridge. I loved the mountains so much, and wanted to learn about "homesteading." We got a goat… Continue reading Self and Self-Destruction