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My New Creative Endevour

I’m pretty sure Rhiannon thinks I’ve lost what was left of my mind. Or, that the Spring Migration Sickness & it’s relentless need for change, any change, has driven me nuts.

I have a new creative outlet. A fresh & new medium to play with. Coolest of all is that the canvas is everchanging, ever renewing. Naturally.

My canvas? My hair. For years upon years it was down to my ass. But as I go through bouts of thyroid imbalance, I also go through  bouts of hair loss that drives me nuts. Hair everywhere. I’m “blowing my coat” just like Kasha-dog.

My solution? Trim my hair. Doesn’t stop the hair loss, but at least there’s less to clean up!

So, lately, I’ve been trimming a little here. Shaping a little there. Adding a few layers in between. A little bit at a time, everytime I wash it.

And you know what? I’m having fun doing it!

I figure I know my hair better than any expensive stylist. Know where the waves are, where it will form lovely spiral curls if I only give it a chance.

The cool thing about this “canvas,” this “artistic medium,” is that if I screw up, it’s okay, because despite the bouts of falling out by the handful, it still keeps growing in! Give it a month or two, and I can tinker with it a bit more.

Or, maybe I’ll figure out what I’m aiming for, and then the hard work of figuring  out how exactly I got it there will start. I’m a very unconventional hair cutter. No rules.

Right now, tonight, it’s got some new layers around my face, a little bit more of the intentionally unruly look, and I’m liking it. The gray  is showing more, and I’ve decided that’s really okay. Gotta happen sometime, since I stopped coloring it due to the whole toxin issue. I think I’ve earned the gray, so why not wear it proudly?

Most of all, I’m having fun. And that counts for a lot these days.

And don’t worry – not going too short. Just some angles on the side, a couple inches in the back… and a whole lot of wild!

(and I must admit to haven written this under the influence of Ambien intoxication)

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