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Animals: Thoughts and Considerations

So, I've been thinking about something (those who know me know it's time to groan). What follows is long and rambling, but, there are questions at the end. Specifically, I've been thinking about dogs, cats, companion animals, and farm animals, and how our society expects different behavior from the owner of a companion animal versus… Continue reading Animals: Thoughts and Considerations

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Our Cat Is A Lesbian In Love With Our Dog

This is Dusty, our 7#, spayed, female cat. She's gone crazy. This is Kasha, our 80#, spayed, female German Shepherd dog. Dusty periodically falls in total love with Kasha, which she demonstrates by rolling around on the floor by Kasha, sleeping in Kasha's bed, and attacking & biting Kasha on the hind legs or butt...… Continue reading Our Cat Is A Lesbian In Love With Our Dog