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The Adorable Pillow Story and Kodi Update

A very sweet boy is laying beside me on the bed, his head resting on my shoulder. He wanted me to tell you he’s doing much better!

We took Kodi to the vet Monday, and Petco afterward for a treat. He did terrific both places and everyone loved him & he loved getting lots of petting.

While at Petco we bought something called “Fooey Ultra Bitter Spray” – I always heard the bitter spray for pups called bitter apple, but this gets it’s bitter from grapefruit rinds. I really got it to stop the excavations happening in my room & unwanted chewing, though, all things considered, he’s done pretty well with that. He has a nose that should be in service to the DEA – he has found every dog toy & leftover half-eaten rawhide bone that’s been long buried under shelves or piles of crap, and has seemed to “get” that if something smells like dog, it probably is for a dog. If it doesn’t, it probably isn’t!  (although leather in any form smells very tempting!)

I have to give the Fooey spray a lot of credit – since we got it, and I applied it quite liberally to my arms and feet (and a little tooooo liberally to Rhiannon…) almost all the too-hard biting has stopped. When he gets that wound up look in his eye, all I have to do now is pick up the bottle, and he’s off the bed, laying down, head on crossed paws. I wish I’d gotten it sooner – had I known how effective it would be, I would have! (And Michelle – you might try some of this stuff with your “bad boy” and his biting during nail trimming.)

The Adorable Pillow Story:

Those of you who are my FB friends know I posted a status about Kodi running down the hall with my pillow in his mouth. Here’s the rest of the story – which is quite cute:

First, Kodi wanted my “knee pillow” – the pillow I keep between my knees at night. I’m quite sure it’s laden with amazing aromas for a dog like this. He first grabbed it off my bed when it was on top of the covers, and then as he he gleefully ran down the hall with it in his mouth, ran smack into me.  He dropped the pillow, then as I struggled to be stern, he picked it back up, returned it to the bed, and laid down looking as if nothing had happened.

The next day, he tried again – this time digging the pillow out from between my sheets with his paws while I was brushing my teeth. He made it to the futon-couch that time, but handed over the pillow nicely.

The next night, as I brushed my teeth, he tried again, except this time it was the pillow I sleep on. Again we retrieved it, put on a clean case, and back on the bed it went.

Two days passed and I thought we’d won the “pillow battle.” And in a way, we had.

Kodi thinks a lot – you can see it in his eyes as he tries to sort things out, like new commands. So after thinking about it, he decided there was a pillow that maybe, just maybe, he could have, and he was right! Kasha had a great huge raised dog bed in my room, and I’d put an old pillow, in a pillow case, over the hard rail she rested her head against. She’d slept on it for years, and it was saturated with dog-scent.

As I got into bed that night, Kodi first came and laid by me, his head by mine on my pillow. Then he got up, picked up Kasha’s pillow, shook it really hard (he was just fluffing it up) and brought it to the side of my bed, dropped it, and plopped down on it. He slept there all night.

I thought it was a fluke, until the next day…

I was trying to take a nap. Kodi was restless, on and off the bed. Then he picked up “his pillow,” shook it once, and jumped up on the bed with it in his mouth. He plopped it down next to my pillow, and laid down beside me. For about five minutes.

Then he got up, picked up his pillow, put it on the floor, and flopped down on it there. For about five minutes.

He got up again, gave his pillow a good fluffing, then carried it off to the bathroom, his favorite sleeping spot – he likes to sleep in doorways, for no reason I can fathom, and the bathroom doorway is the best of all. The slate floor is cool underneath (Kasha usually sleeps on the bathroom floor – right in front of the a/c vent), and he can watch the door to my room and see just about anything happening upstairs.

But he just wasn’t satisfied there this time. Back he – and his pillow – came to my room, and he leaped up onto the bed with pillow in mouth, to again plop it down next to me & flop down on top of it.

He ended up back on the floor (which is cooler) beside my bed, with his pillow, and finally took a nap with me.

Is that not the most adorable pillow story you’ve ever heard?


Every day is just a little bit better than the previous. Today we’ll leave him alone for the first time, and I must admit, I’m a bit worried. But it’s monthly doctor visit day, and we have to go. Rhiannon has been down since yesterday early in the morning with severe vomiting (3 straight hours) and an upset stomach. That makes this visit even more important.

Hope the house is in one piece when we get back. Kodi will have Kasha with him, so hopefully he’ll get over his separation anxiety pretty quick. We’re also leaving them with a fresh pair of real cow bones, and maybe a rawhide bone, too, as Kasha can be a bit on the selfish side and hog things like that.

Say a little prayer…

6 thoughts on “The Adorable Pillow Story and Kodi Update”

  1. How is Rhia? How are you? I so enjoyed this one; it was really funny and sweet. I especially loved the “thinking” part; I’ve always enjoyed watching the wheels turn in their furry heads! Our newest kitten, Norma Jean, does that-she is very good for the most part of listening to the request of “no,” but she will go and sit, paws crossed, tail flicking, and you can just see her working it out in her head, trying to figure out how to get what she wants, without hearing “no.”


    1. Rhia is improving. The doctor thought it was likely food poisoning, based on the very rapid onset, the severity of the vomiting, and the chills & sweats cycle she went through. It was really scary as a mom – by the time we entered the third hour, there was nada left to come up but bile (hadn’t been for a while), and it started coming up with little flecks of blood in it. I looked up GI bleeding online & blood in vomit, and concluded it was likely just from small broken blood vessels & rawness in her esophagus. I watched her like a hawk, checking her BP & pulse, temp, and capillary refill times through it all. Rhia hates doctors & needles, & I didn’t want to make her go through the trauma of a visit to the ER unless it was really necessary. Luckily I made the right call, and our doctor agreed. Rhia has been chugging the gatorade to help with the dehydration.

      I could picture your little kitten so clearly – I know that look! Laying down givng the appearance of giving in, but that tail twitching, telling you it’s not over yet! Dusty (Rhia’s cat) still gets that look.
      With Kodi, it’s often his gaze going to me as I say something, then away (which is submissive), then back to me, as he tries to sort out what it is I’m asking of him. I talk to the dogs all the time, and have always been very impressed witth how many words they recognize, even if they aren’t formal commands. Kodi & I are working on “No more pillow fights!” He really does love to shake that sad pillow to death – and sometimes it goes sailing through the air or will wack me really hard! It’s kind of a one way pillow fight – him against the pillow…


  2. Hi Ash,

    This is one interesting thread! You might as well go to med school. Too bad we are too dang tired and in pain isn’t it? Still, you were a good doc for Rhiannon. Poor thing. I hope she is feeling better.

    Kodi! LOL, too funny about the pillow fights HE has…



    1. Hi Michelle!
      Rhiannon is doing much better, thank goodness!
      Since anyone can get food poisoning at any time I’ll just pass this along:
      Grossness alert: It was really scary there for a little while – I’ve never seen someone vomit so long & hard, except one time when I had salmonella. I had to sort through her bile trying to figure out if the red in there was really blood or was tomato. But it was definitely blood, but not a lot of it. The doctor said it’s really common during that kind of super hard vomiting for little blood vessels in the throat to break, and cause the flecks of blood. I was really happy I had a blood pressure machine & the internet to help me figure out it wasn’t dangerous, and to know what to watch for that would have meant a GI bleed. (there are some very gross pictures if you do a google image search on “blood om vomit” & “GI bleed.”)

      Rhiannon’s pulse averaged 110 thru the ordeal but her BP stayed in the normal range, so I knew she was okay that way. A serious GI bleed would have led to a big drop in BP.
      The last time Rhiannon went to the ER she had a fever of 105* and severe pain in her side. She went thru multiple IV’s, which they had a very hard time getting in, and a CT that showed a kidney infection. We were there all night & they took so long & she was in so much pain… not a good memory. I didn’t want to subject her to anything invasive unless absolutely necessary.

      And you’re right – they should just let us take the medical boards & see how we do! I bet there of some of us who would pass! LOL!

      Hugs & Kodi-kisses!


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