Blogs are for many things.

This blog started solely to keep my family up to date on all the many, varied, crazy, things happening with my health. So they could keep it all straight. So I could remember what thing happened when. A record of illness.

But that’s wrong.

That’s not all a blog is, or should be.

A blog is a voice, the inner voice, telling, in this case, only friends and family, what is going on, inside and out. And in me, that means it should also be about my spiritual path. My spiritual life is as important to me as breathing. Without connection with the One, what is life? What is it for?

So, this is your warning. From here on in, Wolfdreams is going to be not just the physical crap I go through, but also about the Life I live, the inner life, and the outer life.

Some of you will not understand my postings of a spiritual nature. My Path is a little different from yours, perhaps. It wanders through Native American Spirituality, through the ancient, but not forgotten, ways of my Celtic ancestors. It is My path – we all have one to call our own, and each and every one is different.

But that doesn’t make any of them wrong.

Spokes on a wheel, all leading to the Center, the One, to God, or Goddess, or whatever you wish to call that great and mysterious Spirit that moves through all things.