Life on The Mountain, This Crazy Life


I’ve become almost entirely nocturnal. The more I reduce my pain meds, the more pain I have. So I get in bed at night so sleepy but I just ache so bad all over that I can’t go to sleep or else I sleep a little while and then wake up in pain.
Finally as dawn approaches I stay asleep a little longer at a time, a couple hours, then back awake, back to sleep…and it doesn’t help that when I have migraines I have to go to bed and sleep.
So this morning, after about 3 hours sleep, I wake up. When I went back to bed I left a note for Rhiannon. It read:
“Power out. Bird in house. No idea how. Can’t open doors to let it out. Don’t flush. Unless power back. In which case turn heat back on.”
The strangness of this life cannot be imagined.
BTW, power is back and she got the bird out. Going back to sleep again.

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