This Crazy Life

Saw the lawyer…so tired…

So we went to winchester and saw the attorney today. We stopped and shopped a little on the way home because Rhiannon still doesn’t have a winter coat, and I wanted to look at phones at Verizon – my 2 years are up and I’m looking at a replacement with a bigger screen.

Now, I’m exhausted, getting a migraine, which means I’m nauseated, too, and my throat still hurts badly, especially after all the talking at the attorney’s office. I have a lot of post nasal drip and keep having to clear my throat.

Oh, and we’re going to the dentist tomorrow at 11AM, so I’m going to get to bed soon. If I don’t have a migraine after the dentist, we can come see you perhaps, if you aren’t busy, Mom.

The attorney visit in brief: Her name is Kay Adrian, and I like her immensely. We talked a long time, probably an hour. Basically, she is going to do some investigating on my case, see what is in my file at social security, see how supportive Dr Phillips is, because that is very important, and then will decide on whether she will take my case or not.

She said she will only take a case if she feels she can win it, and that this kind of case is the hardest ones to win. So much of fibro and chronic fatigue is subjective – there’s no test to prove it – but it’s very good that I did have a positive Lyme test, and the sleep study will help a lot.

Apparently, she can contact social security, and because I gave her permission, she can request my file, and they will send it to her on a CD, so she can see what the doctors have been writing.

She is very knowledgeable about all my illnesses, even knew what the tilt table test was! It was a very relaxed visit, and I like her a lot. She said to give her about three weeks to get the cd, go through it, and then give her a call and see whether she will take it or not.  I hope so – if not, we try someone else.

She said it will likely be about 8 months before we get a hearing – apparently they recently moved the offices from DC to Richmond, and are all backed up.  I didn’t want to waste time on getting the hearing date, so I went into the social security website and filed the request for a hearing, so it will be about 8 months from now, not 8 months from when we definitely have a lawyer, since that will take some time.

Now, that’s all I can remember, and I’m going to drink some tea to soothe my throat, and go to sleep. ‘night.

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