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Sick & Tired

They say you shouldn't blog when you're angry. And I'm angry. Probably mostly from the amount of Ritalin I've taken today, but also a lot of built up anger. Built up over years. I need you people, my family, to understand something. And it seems like, with one exception, you don't. What I need you… Continue reading Sick & Tired

Health & ME/CFS

The Hows & Whys

I stumbled upon a website that most clearly explains what Dr Z explained to me in March - the hows and whys of my illness, many illnesses, and the hows and whys of getting better.  It's really complicated, but this doc lays it out pretty clearly & the pages aren't terribly long. I'm now researching… Continue reading The Hows & Whys

Health & ME/CFS, Venting!


I feel like I'm having a nervous breakdown. I don't know how much of it is from reducing the pain meds, if it influences the brain that way. Or, is it just the tremendous increase in pain? Pain everywhere. Knee pain in both knees. The headaches without end. The complete and total physical exhaustion. Being… Continue reading Breakdown