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Ash’s Advice: Part One of Many To Come

Recently, friends have suggested that though I may be sick in body, I'm still a good writer, and that maybe through my writing I could find a way to help other people, especially other women, who are going through the trials and tribulations of chronic illness, whether it's called: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) Myalgic Encephalomyelitis… Continue reading Ash’s Advice: Part One of Many To Come

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The Aftermath

There is a part of my life that only one person sees and understands: Rhiannon. I call it "The Aftermath." Today we ran errands. We left at 3:30 & were home by 7. Three and a half hours, made possible by ritalin (a stimulant to give me a false sense of being functional) and my… Continue reading The Aftermath

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Little White Lies

Everyone tells them - the "little white lies." Right? Maybe. Little white lies have been on my mind today. They aren't the same for me as they are for you. I have Asperger's, and part of Asperger's is an "inappropriate" attachment to the "truth" and "honesty." And a difficulty detecting - or anticipating - deceit… Continue reading Little White Lies

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Pain, & a Spark of Hope

There comes a point with pain where it cannot be ignored. Where you try desperately to sleep, but you can't lay still because the pain is overwhelming, and you absolutely must move to try to ease it. And a point where, if you do get to sleep, thanks to ambien, you wake over and over… Continue reading Pain, & a Spark of Hope

Health & ME/CFS, This Crazy Life, Venting!

Sick & Tired

They say you shouldn't blog when you're angry. And I'm angry. Probably mostly from the amount of Ritalin I've taken today, but also a lot of built up anger. Built up over years. I need you people, my family, to understand something. And it seems like, with one exception, you don't. What I need you… Continue reading Sick & Tired

Health & ME/CFS, Venting!


I feel like I'm having a nervous breakdown. I don't know how much of it is from reducing the pain meds, if it influences the brain that way. Or, is it just the tremendous increase in pain? Pain everywhere. Knee pain in both knees. The headaches without end. The complete and total physical exhaustion. Being… Continue reading Breakdown