This Crazy Life

On Mourning

I was doing it wrong, and I knew it. It was one year ago today, my mom had just died, but I wasn't crying. "Something's wrong with me," I confided, oh so quietly, to those closest to me, a week later. They assured me there was no right way, no wrong way, to grieve. That… Continue reading On Mourning

Health & ME/CFS

When Its Not All Puppies and Kittens

Earlier this week, a Facebook page I "Like" put up a pic that seemed to have been written by a fellow ME/CFS/FMS patient. I'd show it to you, but it appears to have been removed, likely because it was a little too honest. EDIT: thanks to Barbara, I have it! The response to this was… Continue reading When Its Not All Puppies and Kittens

Furry Family

Looking Into My Soul

"... he looked into my eyes just like he was looking into my soul to make sure I was all right. I have never forgotten how I felt. I had never had anyone look at me like they cared that much." Two years ago today, I lost my boy, my constant companion & guardian for… Continue reading Looking Into My Soul