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Roe & the “Domestic Supply of Infants”

Allow me to introduce myself - I'm a member of the Domestic Supply of Infants, Texas Class of '63. Exactly 59 years ago today my natural mother, who nurtured me in her womb for 9 months, crying every day over the impending loss of her baby, gave birth to me. And I was taken from… Continue reading Roe & the “Domestic Supply of Infants”

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Finally Finding Family

I was told a pretty story, growing up. It went like this... I was given up for adoption at birth. My birth mother was 19, and already had a 3 year old boy. She was a navy brat, living with her parents. Her mother, my birth grandmother, was sick with vaguely described "women's issues." She… Continue reading Finally Finding Family

Asperger's, This Crazy Life

“Love Child”, “Bastard”, & Asperger’s

I have a thing. A seriously pet peeve. A household rule. No one is to use the word "bastard" around me unless they are using it literally - to refer to someone born out of wedlock. Why? Well, I got reminded of that today. I was driving home from town. Tired. Drained. And discovering that… Continue reading “Love Child”, “Bastard”, & Asperger’s