Furry Family, Just a note...

A note from Sunday…

Since Friday night I have been living in the horrible world of migraines. At one point last night, as the pain woke me up from sleep over and over, I would have sworn someone had come in and shot me through the left eyebrow.

I’m awake now, if you can call it that, and just putting a brief note up here while I dip a bagel in some toffee flavored tea – yumm.

I’ve got to get rid of this- we need grocery shopping, and Kasha has a vet appointment tomorrow. She’s limping really badly. She and I both react the same to the weather, I have noticed – when I hurt the worst, so does she, as we react to atmospheric pressure changes. It’s kind of cool in a very sad way. Validates my own changes in arthritic pain level.

That’s it for now – head is not happy…

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