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Little White Lies

Everyone tells them - the "little white lies." Right? Maybe. Little white lies have been on my mind today. They aren't the same for me as they are for you. I have Asperger's, and part of Asperger's is an "inappropriate" attachment to the "truth" and "honesty." And a difficulty detecting - or anticipating - deceit… Continue reading Little White Lies

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“Love Child”, “Bastard”, & Asperger’s

I have a thing. A seriously pet peeve. A household rule. No one is to use the word "bastard" around me unless they are using it literally - to refer to someone born out of wedlock. Why? Well, I got reminded of that today. I was driving home from town. Tired. Drained. And discovering that… Continue reading “Love Child”, “Bastard”, & Asperger’s



I think at this point that everyone has pretty much read A Secret Revealed, but if you haven't, you need to read it before going further. If you have already read A Secret Revealed, then you can proceed to the posts below: How it Affects Me, part 1 (posted Thursday, 6/3, after A Secret Revealed)… Continue reading Note:

Asperger's, This Crazy Life

How Asperger’s Affects Me, part 1.

So, I just revealed I have Asperger’s. Here are just some of the things I do, or have done, that reflect the Asperger’s in me (in no particular order): Becoming very attached to particular items of clothing or types or colors of clothing (think, mountain t-shirts and yoga pants) and wanting to wear them every… Continue reading How Asperger’s Affects Me, part 1.

Asperger's, This Crazy Life

Part 1.5

I was gonna stop for today, but wanted to add this in: After leaving Rhiannon's father, I went to counseling for a while. The very first day, I was given "homework." I received a very large piece of drawing paper, and strict instructions. I was to draw my life using only my left hand (I'm… Continue reading Part 1.5