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Notes to Myself on Migraine Hell

Remember! It will end.

Four days and four very long nights I have spent in the deepest, darkest, most silent, depths of migraine hell. Hormonal migraine hell – the “hormonal” part is important, because that’s always the worst, most impossible to live through, of the migraine hells.

Four days & nights of wearing a blindfold, to protect my sensitive eyes from the light seeping through closed lids, of wearing two pairs of sunglasses, of tripping over the sad-eyed dog camped out just outside my door.

Four days & nights of barely eating anything, of drinking tea, downing meds, all in a futile hope for some relief. Getting weaker by the day, as I lay for endless, painful, hours, wracked by nausea.

Giving up, giving in, would have been easy, it seems, as my blood pressure was tanking on me anyway, and my soul was walking some strange paths. But I promised I wouldn’t.

So my words of advice to myself, for the next time it happens:

Take the fioricet. Enjoy the journeys it send me on.
Sunbutter on bread & coconut milk.
Salt tablets.
Heating pads.
Blindfolds (my soft stretchy hair bands) help me stop moving my eyes, which is important.
Expect Kodi to be under foot. He misses me. He doesn’t like it when mommy won’t play.

And most of all, when the minutes seem like hours, and the hours seem like days, and the days seem like forever, remember:

It will end.

You will be able to watch the sunset again.

You will be able to catch up with family & friends on facebook again.

You will be able to talk to Rhiannon again, and she will be able to wash dishes again.

You will be able to listen to music again.

It WILL end.

And when it does, watch this gem:

5 thoughts on “Notes to Myself on Migraine Hell”

  1. Bless you Ash. I hope it ends VERY soon! I felt that you were in pain. I’ve felt it for a few days. I’m so sorry.

    Sending you a big hug, my prayers and for Kodi, a doggie kiss! I hope you are able to play soon.

    Love, Michelle xoxoxo


    1. It is mostly over now. It’s funny, how when its so bad, it seems like it will never end, sound & light will always hurt. The incredible high winds we had Friday through last night made it even worse than usual, I’m sure. Today is a beautiful day, though, and I was able to write & to listen to that, before the now chronic daily migraine kicked in. I feel so behind on what everyone has been doing, having been away from facebook for 4 days.
      Time to play catch up!
      Big but oh so gentle hugs, my sweet spirit sister!


  2. Hi, I’m Liz I got a Vaccine called Gardasil and along with many other symptoms including seizures I have Chronic Migraines I have had one for 2yrs straight and then I found out about a wonderful Implant that helps deduce and even completely stop headaches. Check out my blog here is a link to the Implant info it may catch your interest and if you have any questions just ask =) It’s awful having a headache I know and I hope this helps.


    1. Hi Liz!
      I’m so sorry the Gardisil has put you into this state of chronic migraines and more! I want to explore your blog – I just got started on it. I’m trying to decide if I’m up for a trip to town today – it started raining & with it my migraine is flaring up. From the little I was able to read before I got interrupted, it was sounding like you might be joining those of us in the ME/CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) community. I hope not! But you would not be the only younger person with it – my 17 year old daughter has a mild case herself. The good news is that teens have a higher chance of going into remission, so let’s hope your’s does.

      Thank you for the info on the neurostimulation – I’ve gotten started reading thru the info on that. I’d try just about anything at this point!

      Take care –



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