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Everything Happens For A Reason

I firmly believe everything happens for a reason. Today, some fairly unbelievable, but very good, things have happened.

It started with Kasha, who needed her rabies vaccination. We took her to a roving clinic that comes to our Petco every two weeks. Going inside, we got in line with many other people and dogs.

Behind us in line came a remarkable young woman named Margaret, with her boyfriend and mother, leading the most gorgeous young black & silver German Shepherd, a year old dog named Loki. As we waited in line, the story of Loki unfolded: he was rescued by Margaret from people in Tennessee, of pure German bloodlines, and had been neglected before she saved him. Loki was very shy and insecure in body language at first, but soon warmed up to Rhiannon, Kasha, and I.

As it turns out, Loki really needs a new home. Margaret deeply loves him, and he, her, but right now she does not have the best living arrangement for a large dog, and he has to be left often when she works long shifts.

Loki in Petco

Loki spoke to me. His eyes, his beauty, all of it, spoke to me. And spoke to Rhiannon, too, as Keegan has not. Keegan has been the subject of a lot of conflict in our house, as Rhiannon just doesn’t feel any connection to him.

After the dogs got their vaccinations, we all went for a walk outside and had a chance to talk. There was something so familiar about Margaret; we both felt we had met each other before, but could not imagine where.

It turns out, Margaret and her family and I have a lot in common. Most strikingly, Margaret can lay claim to having been raised by wolves, as her family had wolves when she was growing up. Finding another person who has had – and understands – wolf-dogs is a very rare occurrence. But Maggie, as her mother calls her, is a very skilled dog handler, and very understanding of canines and pack behavior. Several times, as we spoke, I started to say something only to have Maggie say it first. It was a very moving experience, meeting this young woman who so loves canines, and, as it turns out, horses – just as I do.

I bet you know how this story is going to end.

I offered to give Loki a new home, where this gorgeous dog can sleep on my bed, just as he does with Maggie, give me the kisses I’ve so missed (Kasha does not kiss – though she did kiss Loki!), and have a home & yard to call his own. We exchanged phone numbers and info, and I hope to hear from Maggie soon.

A Baby Manitou

Maggie, if you read this, I know exactly how hard a choice this is to make. I had to make it once, too, when I had to move due to divorce, and couldn’t keep my wolves anymore as my ex was threatening them. It was one of the hardest decisions I have ever made. I sent my Manitou, pictured here, to a family in up-state New York. I missed him so much that I drove all the way up there to see him – nearly to Canada. I found him well-loved and cared for, in a situation remarkably similar to the one he had had with me.

You and I, our hearts are in the same place, when it comes to animals, especially canines.  I hope to hear from you soon.


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