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About Crap… Literally

Well, I’ve been so busy writing about my Aspergers that I haven’t updated about the physical stuff.

It’s mostly crap. That is, right now, I’m focusing on getting my very poorly functioning gut to function, which is hard after being on opiate pain meds for years, which basically slows it to crawl, and after a year on IV antibiotics & tons of oral antibiotics, which destroyed the normal probiottics in my gut along with the C.Diff. & Lyme & whatever else.

Add in IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) & the sudden introduction of the Gerson Therapy’s coffee enemas, continuing withdrawal symptoms from decreasing the pain meds (down to 7.5mg from 50!) and you have a very unhappy gut.

My sense is that I’m cleansing out years of acccumulated waste products, & the result is currently what the Gerson book calls a healing crisis. My gut hurts. Originally it was down low, but now its higher, as I work my way up the GI tract, purging out some incredibly foul crap. I even passed something this morning that was probably a dead parasite.

Apparently this is a common reaction. As areas of the bowels get scrubbed clean, all the old, embedded crap has to come out.I think the lower area got scrubbed, ached a while, then healed up. Now I’m working on a higher section, and my sense is that its really irritated in one area, upper right quandrant. I just have to watch for fever to be sure I don’t for some unknown reason have a kidney infection. Don’t think I do… think its just a raw spot on the intestinal wall where the nasty crap came out.

I did a chamomile enema tonight, which is what the book recommends when the bowel gets inflammed, and it seems to have helped some.

I’m planning a post to better explain the Gerson Therapy, and the very scientific reasoning behind the seeming strange pratice of using coffee enemas, juicing, and specific supplements to heal chronic illnesses. The Therapy has been in use for over 60 years, tinkered with along the way to improve the effectiveness, and it’s really amazing to see how science is only now catching up with the concepts & showing the whys of how it works.

Going to bed now… hope to sleep better than last night, when I was plagued with cold sweats, pain, & the peculiar vivid dreams that come from opiate withdrawal. Everything I read said the last 20mg would be the hardest, and that’s proving to be very true.

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