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The Hows & Whys

I stumbled upon a website that most clearly explains what Dr Z explained to me in March – the hows and whys of my illness, many illnesses, and the hows and whys of getting better.  It’s really complicated, but this doc lays it out pretty clearly & the pages aren’t terribly long.

I’m now researching a juicer, and considering a juice only fast.

So, here ya go:

Next, read these two:

1 thought on “The Hows & Whys”

  1. This is very interesting. I read most of it. A little of it I skimmed through. It wasn’t hard to understand. I think most of us understand that we need to keep our digestive track healthy, but we get lazy if it isn’t bothering us.
    It will take a lot of will power to do the regiment that they recommend. If it makes you feel better and you can tell it is helping, it will help you to have the incentive to keep it up as long as you need. It will just become a habit or a way of life. Good Luck!!!
    Now if you can find all the fresh food etc. that you need. Maybe you and Rhia can have a little veggie garden.


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