Just a note...

Sleepy sunday

Well, I ordered my new phone today, the LG EnV Touch. It will be here tuesday so I hope the snow melts fast. We got about 5 inches…and they were predicting we’d get one.
Also I am happy to announce that you can once again email me at ash(at)wolfdreamer.com! I moved the domain…
That’s all for now.

1 thought on “Sleepy sunday”

  1. We had around 5 in. of snow too. They cleaned our sidewalks last night, but not the street. I haven’t been outside today. Thank goodness it is a little warmer today. I was cold last night even with the electric blanket. Hope the phone is what you want it to be and will be better to use with a little larger screen.
    You sound a little better. The sun must be shinning there too.


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